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Service call – special offer!

Need some help with an electrical problem around the house? Need some expert advice on a tricky electrical installation project?

For a very limited time Terrace Electric LLC is offering a 30 minute service call for only $65! This service is normally $125 plus travel time – you pay only $65 with no extra charge for travel!!

Act now as this offer is good only through the end of September 2016.


Customer Service

  What customer service  means to me; Making an appointment and keeping it. Listening to the clients needs. Professional guidance and plan development. Performance of the plan with pride. The “Golden Rule”. My farther told me along time ago that “Anyone can be mediocre.  The way to set your self aside from that, is by methodical, meticulous, andContinue Reading

LED Lighting

One of our clients (Pat & Paula), have a 40 x 60 foot metal building which they keep all of their businesses equipment in.   Pat was telling me that the lighting in the space was a single 500 watt halogen lighting fixture.  Considering the amount of activity that takes place within the building, the existingContinue Reading

Trouble shooting

One of our clients called us complaining that her microwave was tripping the circuit breaker when she was using the toaster at the same time. After summing the combined “loads” (microwave & toaster) on the circuit I determined that the circuit was overloaded. I advised our client to simply move the toaster to a differentContinue Reading

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