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Electrical Services

Electric generators

Terrace Electric installs and maintains Electric Generators for Commercial and Residential customers.

If you have experienced or are expecting power outages that last longer than several days a generated power system that interfaces with your building may be a consideration for you.

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Electrical services

Wiring of new homes and renovation, wiring of kitchens and baths, swimming pool wiring, recessed lighting (can lights, hi hats) wiring, ceiling fan installations, landscape lighting, parking lot or security lighting wiring, wiring generators, trouble shooting, signs.

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Lighting is mood.  Which room you’re in will reflect the mood and use of lighting.  Kitchens, garages, and offices certainly need different lighting than the bedroom.how-many-lights craftsman-porch

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Smoke and Fire Detectors

A smoke/fire detection system is undoubtedly the most important system within your building to protect you, your family or business.

All residential units must have a smoke detection device.

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Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

Trouble shooting is the search for an electrical problem on a circuit that is creating adverse effects.  Trouble shooting can be elusive and time consuming to remediate.

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Go Green

Conservation will always be the best way to reduce your/our carbon foot prints.  Think about it, conservation and recycling is the easiest way to help our future and planet.

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Serving Electrical Services to the Raleigh, Wake Forest & Youngsville, NC areas.

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